ABOUT ARIMUS Firearms Training


ARIMUS Training is located just south of Baltimore in Halethorpe, Maryland. We started the company to provide our students with top-quality firearms training designed to help you shoot safer and better. We bring our decades of military and law enforcement training and teaching experience to each and every class to make sure you have the opportunity to build your skills as a shooter. Firearms safety is a HUGE part of every class we teach. No one can receive enough safety training when it comes to the shooting sports.


Our highly trained instructors were hand selected for their strengths and professionalism in and out of the classroom. Combined, we have over 75 years of law enforcement, military and security experience - providing you with the best training your money can buy. With all-inclusive classes, there is no need to go anywhere else for your firearms training needs.

What we have to offer

From newbies to pros, we've got you covered...

  • Classroom instruction
  • Multiple laser training systems
  • Force-on-force training scenarios
  • Maryland Security Guard Certification processing
  • Taser® Operator Certification
  • OC (oleoresin capsicum) Operator Certification
  • On-site fingerprinting services
  • On-site passport photos
  • EasyPay financing plans available