Firearms Safety Training / Personal Protection Training

At ARIMUS Training, we have a different approach to firearms training - one that works. We don't teach you "tacticool" stuff, and there are no combat rolls or tactical pants required in our classes, but you WILL learn how to defend yourself in a practical and easy-to-remember fashion. Whether you're looking to get your first handgun, or you're looking to defend yourself from all the evil that exists in this world, ARIMUS Firearms Training is the place to be! We teach countless students each year, and they all seem to say the same thing, "Excellent class! Thank you."

  • NRA Certified Instructors
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officers
  • MSP Licensed Handgun Instructors
  • Utah BCI Certified Instructors

About us

ARIMUS Firearms Training

All of our instructors are former or current military, law enforcement or security professionals with decades of shooting and teaching experience. Just because someone is a Level 5,000 Grand Master in IDPA doesn't mean they know how to teach. Our instructors have taught everything from one-on-one classes all the way up to 100 students in a class - and have been doing so for a long time. Most of us are combat veterans who have actually been in gun fights - and survived using our tactics and techniques. We don't just repeat what we see on the internet from the countless "tacticool instructors" out there. We bring all of our real-world experiences to each and every class we teach to make sure you get the best training possible to make you successful in whatever your goals are.

  • Our all-inclusive training classes will get you up and running quickly and easily, or help you to build your skills to become a pro.
  • From basic to advanced firearms training to advanced combat techniques, we can tailor a training package that will fit your exact needs.

The ARIMUS Training Advantage


  • All-Inclusive Training

    You won't have to go to 5 different places to get your training, fingerprints, photos and whatever else you need. We are your "one-stop-shop" to get you on the road to becoming a better shooter.

  • Experience

    All of our instructors have decades of law enforcement, military or security experience - and have been teaching for just about as long. We are seasoned professionals ready to train you to be the best.

  • Affordable

    You can customize your training to receive only that which you want. Just let us know your goals, and we'll design a plan that will fit any budget.

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