Firearms Training

Our firearms instructors have decades and decades of experience teaching firearms courses to folks just like you, law enforcement personnel and military. The Tyler Firearms difference is all of our classes include hands-on practice or practical exercises, and most include a live-fire exercise where you get to use the skills we teach you. If you don't use your new skills, how will you be able to keep up with them when you need them? We can design a training plan for you so you can train on your own and hone your skills to perfection. You get all the information you need and hands-on instruction to successfully pass any course we offer. If you're having some difficulties in one of our classes, we'll work with you, one-on-one, to make sure you have the tools to be successful.
Maryland Firearms Training
From the Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL), to Maryland Wear and Carry Permit courses, Tyler Firearms is your single-source provider for all your firearms training needs.
Basic Firearms Training
Our Basic Firearms Training classes will give you the skills, knowledge and attitude to safely handle, fire, clean and store your firearms like a pro. Classes are available for handguns, shotguns and rifles.
Personal Protection Training
Our country is becoming a more dangerous place all the time. Kids walk into schools, shopping malls and movie theaters and start shooting. Our Personal Protection Training teaches you the techniques to safely protect your family in your home and on the street. You will learn the skills that will enable you to use your firearm as natural as driving your car.
Concealed Carry Training
Carrying a firearm on your person comes with great responsibility and requires specialized training to survive an armed attack. Our Concealed Carry classes train you to safely extend the use of your handgun beyond your home. Being in a fire fight, either in your home or on the street, can be an overwhelming experience. We teach you how to properly deal with an accidental or deliberate shooting (and how to return fire while providing life-saving first-aid), how to care for your loved ones' injuries in the event they get hit by an attacker's bullet, and how to cope with the stress of being in this type of situation. Don't let an attacker control you - dominate the situation and show those bad guys we can't be pushed around.