Due to the high demand for MD Handgun Permit training classes, we have suspended this training course.

Taser Civilian Training Course


Our TASER Civilian Training Course will empower you to go about your daily life knowing you have the skills and tools necessary to survive an attack. Use of a Taser Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) is now legal in all jurisdictions in Maryland. This course focuses on the civilian use of the Taser Pulse as a less-lethal option for self-defense. You will learn the basic mechanics of the TASER CEW and conduct numerous training drills during the class.

A TASER exposure is NOT required to pass this course, but you are required to fire at least two live cartridges at a stationary target.

Course fees are non-refundable upon completion of the training course.

Course Length
4.0 hours
What You'll Learn in This Course
  • Operation and Maintenance of the Taser Pulse
  • Stun Gun vs. Taser
  • Lethal Force vs. Less-Lethal Force
  • Discussion on the Use of Force
  • Methods of carrying a concealed weapon
  • Holsters and what is right for you
  • Hands-on Training Drills with a Taser Pulse
What's Included in This Course
  • 4 hours of classroom instruction
  • Discussions on the Use of Foce and other topics
  • Hands-on demonstrations and skills building exercises
  • Live Fire of a Taser Pulse at a stationary target
What's Not Included in This Course

An exposure to the Taser Pulse is NOT required for the successful completion of this course.

$135.00 per person
Upcoming Training Classes

We have no classes scheduled at this time. Please check this page often, as we add new classes regularly.